Why buffalo horn eyewear loved by consumers?

Aoker has thought that the reason why buffalo horn eyewear loved by consumers, one important reason is that buffalo horn eyewear has tremendous market potential.
Because the traditional method of polishing and shinning craft ships, and also due to the horn features, it has a very smooth and fine effect, it touches and looks really high grade, fashion and classic. To take an example, yellow horn temples showing yellow translucent, feel comfortable, moist color. Each buffalo horn temples will have more or less black or scarlet color. The black buffalo horn temple is water buffalo horn, very moist, relatively loose texture, touches in hand or in the night can be seen natural texture, black reflective soft and bright lights. In addition, the horns in Chinese Old couture has always been considered evil spirits, misfortunes role, and many people put it in the living room of the house a prominent position. The use of natural buffalo horns manufacture eyewear, it is the product of traditional techniques and modern technology formation, buffalo horn eyewear collect health functional and art collection in one, is the best gift for loved ones.

Thus, the buffalo horn eyewear loved by consumers.

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