The Introduce of Buffalo Horn Eyewear

The beautiful Buffalo Horn Eyewear
It is my pleasure to share my experience on Buffalo Horn Eyewear , wood and other natural material. Buffalo horn is natural material can be useful for eyewear manufacturing. All natural material has it own beautiful color and pattern creates by GOD.
Buffalo Horn Eyewear is a beautiful material to work with but very difficult for manufacturing. As a professional buffalo horn eyewear supplier, there are some important tips for adjustment and maintenance:

1. Only use CR-39 lens.
2. The lens must cut in exact rim groove size.
3. For Buffalo Horn Eyewear frame adjustment/lens insertion—always wet Buffalo Horn Eyewear frame with baby oil or corn oil, then heat with hot air up to 200 C evenly til the material is completed “soft”. Then hold the Buffalo Horn Eyewear for air dry with thick oiled cotton clothes.
4. Never soak Buffalo Horn Eyewear in ultrasonic cleaning machine, neither water.
5. Never bend Buffalo Horn Eyewear in cold. It will crack!!
There are many instereing material can be used on eyewear—–the fosil of oak tree tumor. Very beutiful natural color. Some of them has “cat’s eyes”. The material is very flexible, can be bent and adjust. Chinese bamboo is a great material because the flexibility. One of the special wood only available from the trees in Vietnam smells really good! Anyway, optical industry is very interesting. Anything can be useful.

How to identify genuine and fake designer sunglasses

Aoker eyewear (2)Summer is coming; a piece of good sunglasses can not only play the role of eye protection, but also reflect a person’s taste. However, in the high-profit sunglasses retail industry, products quality varies greatly. The similar sunglasses’ prices difference can be tens or even hundreds of dollars. As ordinary consumers, how to choose it?

As a professional eyewear manufacturer, we suggest consumers to purchase the sunglasses from a regular or a certain well-known enterprise’ products. Because counterfeit goods or shoddy inspection products are often not qualified, quality can not be guaranteed. Such sunglasses can not protect our eyes; long-term wearing will also cause some damages to our eyes. So, how should we identify the authenticity of sunglasses and get the products we really need? Here are just a few simple methods.

The first way is to check the products codes. Actually it is very simple, unlike fashionable dresses and bags; each pair of sunglasses has its own model codes and color codes which are specifically set by the manufacturer. These codes can be founded out in their official website. If one product has no model code, or models and styles don’t match which are sourced from authoritative website, it’s naturally counterfeit goods.
The second way is to check the certificate accompanied. Take an example, Italy has many world famous brands of glasses, also has the world’s most renowned eyewear manufacturers.
Aoker eyewear..

Safilo Group is the world’s largest acetate eyewear, metal eyewear, buffalo horn eyewear producer, based in Italy. Basically all the top brands of sunglasses are their products, such as Burberry, Dior, Gucci, Armani, Valentino, YSL etc. They strictly control the sales channels, not wholesale the products easily. In the United States, only those optical shops which get national industry certifications are eligible to purchase from Safilo. And there will be professional people who will supervise the shops and franchised stores, not allow a malicious competition of price reduction. Each pair of Safilo glasses will be accompanied with a certificate. If without Safilo certificate product, it must be faked. For example, regarding some imitation brands, styles can be realistic, but the certificate is not easy to be as a forgery.
In addition, we can identify the quality from sunglasses craftsmanship, look at the joint points of sunglasses components, the polishing, grinding etc. a pair of good sunglasses, the details treatment is also good. But for some imitated products, although the appearance is almost similar, some details are not treated well.

How to buy sunglasses

1527110719(1)_副本Frames: there are acetate sunglasses, metal sunglasses, titanium sunglasses, whether the sunglasses is nice, fashionable or not, is the first consideration the youngsters will take into.
But never be confused by some flashy fashion frames.
As for frames, you must try on by your own to check if it feels comfortable, this is the most critical.
Some beautiful frames are not worn comfortable, long-time wearing will cause eye souring and dizzy feeling.
But some plain frames are often the most suitable for long-time wearing.
2) Lenses – when purchase sunglasses, must double check if the lenses are of high quality.
The simplest and easy-operated way is to put the lenses under lights, to see if there is steam, air bubbles or other residual defects on the surface.
This is not easy to be found during wearing, but it was decided to be of high quality sunglasses important index.
On this point, Ray-Ban sunglasses lenses did really a great job.
3) Experience, it is extremely important. The shops often let customers try on the sunglasses in their optical shops. But this actually will hide away a lot of “operational” encountered deficiencies. We recommend the customers try on sunglasses not only in the shops, but outdoors. And take it under strong sunshine, to observe the effect is good or not.
4) Color, sunglasses lenses colors on the market now tend to be more, except cool, individuality these factors, usually the blue, green and grey colors will not appear much color contrasts. Therefore, if you don’t wanna cause different views when wear and not wear sunglasses, you could consider above proposed colors.
5) Index, what’s index of sunglasses? It seems to have involved of some technical things, actually to identify if the sunglasses have ability to sufficiently block strong UV, the most basic is to see the sunglasses UV index is high enough? Generally speaking, high quality sunglasses UV index can be controlled between 95% to 97%.
Of course, the higher the better and apparently the prices are also proportional.
6) Price: frankly, the price is usually proportional to its brand popularity and lenses quality. Of course, a good brand also has more authority and more convincing lenses, eyeglass frame quality.
General sunglasses brand are Ray-ban, Gucci, Chanel etc…
Ray-ban sunglasses brand has a long history, also the quality is well guaranteed.

Different colors sunglasses lenses’ roles and effects

For sunglasses lenses, except the material used are different, such as acetate sunglasses, metal sunglasses, injection sunglasses. The colors are also different, as well as their roles and effects. Following is the introduction of different colors sunglasses lenses’ roles and effects:
1, Grey lenses: A neutral color.
Grey lens can be balanced against any chromatographic absorption, so when watching, the scene will only be darkening, but will not have significant color difference. And will display real natural feeling.
2, Brown lenses: can filter a large number of blue rays; improve the visual contrast and clarity; in the foggy air pollution cases or worse weather, can block the lights reflected from smooth and shining surface, and the wearers can also see clearly the subtle parts. Brown lenses should be the best choice for drivers.
3, Green lenses: during the absorption of lights, at the same time, can maximize the green lights reached the eyes, so wearing green lenses can bring a cool and comfortable feeling. This color is suitable for eye fatigue people.
4, blue-grey lenses: neutral lenses, similar to grey lenses, but with darker color, higher absorption of visible light.
5, Mercury lenses: the lens surface uses high-density mirror coating.
Such lenses absorb more reflection of visible light, which used for sports glasses, suitable for outdoor sports people.
6, Yellow lenses: Strictly speaking, these lenses are not sunglasses lenses, because they almost do not reduce the visible lights. But in the foggy and dusk, yellow lenses can increase contrast and provide a more accurate vision, they are also known as night vision goggles.
Some young people wearing the yellow lenses sunglasses as a decorative usage.
7, Light blue, light pink and other lenses: decorative rather than practical.
8, Dark green lenses: absorb heat; bring cool feeling, but the light transmission and clarity are low. Suitable for wearing under sun, not while driving.
9, Blue Lenses: when having fun at the beach, blue color can filter out the lights reflected from blue sea and blue sky. During driving should avoid using blue lenses, because they will make us a confusion of traffic signal colors.
Different colors sunglasses’ roles and effects are not the same, so when consumers are choosing their own sunglasses, except choosing their favorite styles, also need to check if the color is suitable. Eyewear supplier warming wearing comfortable and healthy is the most important thing.

Basic Functions of Sunglasses

A pair of sunglasses looks very simple, i.e. two pieces of color plastic or glasses lenses into plastic or metal frames.
In fact, the two pieces of lenses can cause quite many differences.
When you use sunglasses, these differences will have a great impact on you.
A pair of good sunglasses must have the following four functions:

To prevent ultraviolet radiation in sunlight
UV rays can damage the cornea and the retina; high-quality sunglasses can completely eliminate the UV radiation.
To prevent light exposure
When the eye receives too much light, it will naturally shrink the iris. Once the contraction of the iris to the limit state, then people need to squint. If the light is still too much, such as the snow reflected sunlight, will cause damages to the retina. High-quality sunglasses can filter out up to 97% of the lights into eyes to damages.
Pay high attention on details
To prevent glares
Some surfaces, such as water, can reflect a lot of lights, and this will disrupt the vision or hide objects. High-quality sunglasses can use a glare polarizer technology to eliminate such glares.
Eliminate specific characteristic frequency of light
Certain frequencies of light will blur vision, while other frequencies of light can enhance the contrast.

Choosing the right color for the sunglasses, making it to get better effects in certain circumstances. If the sunglasses do not provide UV protection, it will give you more exposure to ultraviolet irradiation. Cheap sunglasses filter out a portion of the light, causing your iris to open to receive more light. This also would allow more ultraviolet radiation to enter, increased ultraviolet radiation damage to the retina.

Thus, for a variety of sunglasses, there are many differences. For a particular use of the environment, to select a pair of suitable and high-quality sunglasses will provide you with maximum protections.

7 notes for choossing sunglasses

Spring and summer temperatures rise, jewelry and accessories will make women feel cumbersome. At this point, a pair of beautiful sunglasses with function of vision protect can become the best choice for fashion men to be cool. For sure Sunglasses have decorative functions, but its protection function is the most important one. Because if you can’t obstruct ultraviolet to some extent, it will cause damage to the eyes after long time, so when buying sunglasses, please pay special attentions to the following several points.
Aoker sunglasses
The first point is the observation of the lenses, to see if there are scratches, impurities, bubbles and stripe; to check the outer packaging of sunglasses, sunglasses should be marked with the formal name, color, diameter, quality levels, manufacturer and trademarks. The lenses or tags marked with anti-UVA, UVB and CE can ensure to block UV to some extent.

The second is to try on sunglasses to see if there is no dizziness, headache feeling. In current market there are some sunglasses marked with degrees for sale, but because of pupillary distance and other indicators vary, so if there is no professional guidance, the consumer would better not to choose these prescription sunglasses.

Third, handle sunglasses’ two angles onto a fluorescent lamp, let the mirror’s reflective surface scroll, if find specula reflection of sunlight lamp shadow appear wavy or twisted, it proves that the lens is not flat, this mirror will strain your eyes.

Fourth, to see if the lens is flat and clear. The sunglasses lenses material are mainly glass and resin. The best sunglasses lens is Polaroid. It can effectively filter out the reflected light and harmful ultraviolet radiation, and has features such as anti-crushing, guards against rubs.
Fifth, for sunglasses colors, except choosing as per the skin, face shape and wearing, but also according to access sites.

The sixth is to look at sunglasses lenses’ color depths. The color depths are divided into 15%、34%、50%、70%. Indoor and outdoor 15% can be worn; 34% for General outdoor environment; 50% for Sun and sea; 70itlectric welding and other special uses.

Seventh, to see if the sunglasses has a UV-resistant feature. Better to choose the lenses which has UV function. And the UV index should be between 96% and 98%.