What’s the trend of metal eyewear?

With the development trend of personalized and fashion of eyewear industry, eyewear materials becoming various, new plastic eyewear, acetate eyewear constantly crowding out metal eyewear. From the earliest single plastic derived from PC, AC, Nylon, TR90, Plastic steel, and acetate, but the same, metal eyewear always been one of the mainstream materials for eyewear industry.
In traditional, metal eyewear mainly apply copper based alloys, nickel based alloys, stainless steel, titanium etc. broken down into the following categories: nickel silver eyewear, brass, 18% nickel, 25% nickel, 40% nickel, monel, stainless steel eyewear, titanium alloys, purely titanium, titanium memory etc.
From the development trend of eyewear, the foundation and leading role of metal eyewear is outstanding, from copper alloy metal application in the 90’s of the last century, the metal eyewear industry has great development and formed a diversified products. But traditional metal eyewear material such as copper alloy easy corrosion, stimulus skin body and cause allergy, although nickel alloy solved corrosion problem, the material is more heavy and press nose, to solution above problems, more security, and more light, and more durable and more comfortable new metal material today became the trend of metal eyewear. For example: titanium, premium stainless steel eyewear.

Metal eyewear classification

Metal eyewear is usually made from cooper, nickel silver and stainless steel, titanium and β titanium. The metal material requires a certain degree of hardness and flexible, elasticity, abrasion resistance, corrosion resistance, light weight, good gloss and color, and so on. Therefore, mostly metal eyewear material is alloy metal.
From the function, metal eyewear have metal sunglasses, metal optical eyewear.
Metal sunglasses fit Sunlens with various colors, mirrored or non-mirrored.
Metal optical eyewear is with prescription lens, or Plano lens.
According to the structure, metal eyewear has full rim metal frame, half rim metal frame, and rimless metal frame. People not only need to focus on lens quality and styles when they buy metal sunglasses. The frame is equally important. Only the right metal frame which suitable for wearers, and with comfortable wear: zero pressure the nose, no dizziness and other symptoms, will show good quality and beauty.

Why metal eyewear should use 304 stainless steel?

In the eyewear industry, to ensure the top quality of metal eyewear, usually metal eyewear manufacture prefers to use 304 steel to make metal eyewear.
304 stainless steel is a common steel, the material density is 7.93 g/cm3, also named as 18/8 stainless steel, SUS 304. 304 stainless steel with better processing performance and good malleable and flexible characteristics, 304 stainless steel widely used in the metal eyewear production line and also the food and medical industries, it was called Food grade steel.
On the raw material market, 304 stainless steel usually marked 00Cr19Ni10, SUS304, and 304. Which 00Cr19Ni10 is the GB standard (China), 304 is the ASTM standard (US standard), SUS 304 is the JIS standard (Japan Standard).

As a reliable steel, it has good corrosion resistance, good heat and cold resistance(suitable temperature is between -196℃-800℃).

It is widely used in metal eyewear since it has really excellent processing performance when in heat treatment of die molding, bending and cut and engraving, hand polish processes and e-palting/ion plating treatment. No work-hardened problem after heat treatment. In order to pursue top quality metal eyewear, metal eyewear supplier shall use 304 stainless steel.

Why Metal Acetate combo eyewear is hot?

Metal eyewear is strong, exquisite, good shape and with adjustment pad arms adapt to all kinds of nose shape. While acetate eyewear is durability, rich colors as well as various shapes which are popular in eyewear market.

The Metal&Acetate combo eyewear combines Metal eyewear and acetate eyewear all features. Metal&Acetate combo eyewear are more fashionable, easier to get dressed, with heavy sense of acetate and metallic touches, show personality and style. It brings talent works to the fashion.
Vintage elements are also used in the Metal&Acetate combo eyewear, many people deep in love all things vintage, those people may be full of nostalgia, or it may be just love simple and romantic. It has a very classic style: Clubmaster. As a symbol of Metal&Acetate combo eyewear style, Clubmaster is a legend and appears on many American movies.
The Metal&Acetate combo eyewear are assembled with metal frame and handmade acetate frame together. It shows perfect combination of metal and acetate. During production of Metal&Acetate combo eyewear, two hand-crafted parts need to be separated produced and assembled together totally by hand, the adaptability requires high. And also it requires skillful Master, perfect craft precisions and lot of experiences and technical wisdoms. When it can be seen in delicate structures, exquisite details at the combo places and it is just like a nice art works. These details will move people to tears.

How to clean metal eyewear nose pads ?

People often wear metal eyewear will find metal eyewear nose pads are easy to get dirty and difficult to clean up. Some metal eyewear causes wearer allergic reactions, dirty nose pads may be one of the reasons, following we will discuss how to clean metal eyewear nose pads?

There are 80% metal eyewear wearers ignored for cleaning nose pads, some wear a pair of metal eyewear for a year without nose pads cleaned. As time passes, nose pads have turn to yellow and dusty. This is not right, metal eyewear nose pads should always be cleaned and replaced on time. Generally, nose pads lifetime is about six months, and metal eyewear nose pads need to be replaced every six months.
Metal eyewear nose pads are generally made of transparent silicone material, or soft PVC plastic material. These materials are friendly fit on face without nose pads indentation.
Metal eyewear nose pads cleaning refer to the following method:
Metal eyewear nose pads are generally active leaves of nose pads, simple to replace.
You can use a small screwdriver to remove nose pads, disinfection, cleaning and then put on.
For yellowed nose pads, you need a pair of new nose pad to replacement at your local optometrist.

How to buy a right metal eyewear?

Metal eyewear is one of the popular eyewear materials, Metal eyewear with small and delicate features. However, if you don’t pay attention to buying a piece of right metal eyewear, it is possible to buy a piece of relative not sophisticated metal eyewear. Then let us take a look at how to buy an excellent and reliable quality of metal eyewear.
First of all, the part of metal eyewear should be noted is the welding/ solder point, welding/ solder area is small but reflect the level of craftmanship of metal eyewear. When observing welding/ solder point, to pay careful attention on welding cracks. If there are cracks, then the metal eyewear manufacturer cannot properly dispose of welding/ solder effects, the metal structures were damaged.

And it should be noted that if there are any pseudo soldering, non symmetry welding/ soldering and material fatigue issues. If have any of these issues, it had better do not buy it to avoid breaking when wearing in daily life.
As for a piece of right metal eyewear, it must be very strong and immaculate clean welding/ solder points. Most important is where welding point to point need wrapped via molds called “Die mold” to processing welding. Thus welding effect will reach to very precise position between welding point and point.