buffalo horn eyewear user experience

Elle Wang was an optician, for over 25 years of career. She felt too many guests slip their eyewear from nose and ears feel pain after long-term wearing of eyewear. So she wanted to design a sort that optometrists can easily maintain, which also makes the guests feel comfortable eyewear.

Buffalo horn eyewear has solved the problems of Elle Wang all thinks about.
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Buffalo horn eyewear supplier choose India water buffalo horn or Tibet yak Horn to manufacture, Buffalo horn eyewear production process is not easy, only the most skilled masters whom very understand the horn features can handcraft it. If don’t take careful, it is not only easy to waste material, and it is more difficult to control its thickness and shape. Horn is a lipophilic natural materials with pores can absorb sebum, wear long time buffalo horn eyewear won’t fear eyewear easily slip from nose! Buffalo horn eyewear effectively solves guest’s eyewear slip from nose problems.

Buffalo horn has special natural active colloidal protein ingredients, bitter and salty, cool disintoxicating, cooling blood, conformable and relieving convulsion, carminative pharmacological effects, its elements will stimulate the acupoints around human’s ears. According above horn features, Buffalo horn eyewear will not become a burden to ears but also buffalo horn eyewear can help to alleviate ears feel pain, dizziness when long-term wearing of eyewear.

Buffalo horn eyewear with “customized services”, whether it is type, color, shape, etc, can be “tailored”, let you enjoy swimming in the comfortable sense of nature, let us go to create a pair of your own custom buffalo horn eyewear.

Why Buffalo Horn eyewear is expensive?

Buffalo Horn eyewear in the layman’s view is a double rims and a pair of arms combination, in the view of expert, a pair of high quality Buffalo Horn eyewear every little process and man craft is patent and very particular. High-end Buffalo Horn eyewear polishing process simply takes 100 hours or more, and totally finished by handwork, while outsiders see just tip of the iceberg, how many people can find the huge ice hidden under a sea?

AOKER eyewear is a professional Buffalo Horn eyewear supplier, AOKER will work with you to uncover the Buffalo Horn eyewear development and production process that hidden value and some of the little-known secrets.

A pair of Buffalo Horn eyewear from design to production to consumers, during this term, from our industry experience, buffalo horn eyewear experienced a long of process, may is half a year, even some Buffalo Horn eyewear products development period up to 2 years, eventually products may just is a double rims and pair arms, but, by pay of design and production of time, these who never seen upon can’t said it doesn’t exist at all.

The best horn raw materials are scarce, most high-quality real buffalo horn raw materials imports in a remote area of Africa, China Tibet, India, South America and other places. You can see only double rims and pair arms, but customers did not see real buffalo horn material is difficulty to source and the material is really scarcity.

Generally, all of Buffalo Horn eyewear design is firstly from a design concept starting, why has this style? Why has this structure? Why with this material? It is after long time of thinking, the designer can come upon a small of idea. And put these idea into production, some processes are essential, like make prototypes, a concept first make technical drawings, and then made into real prototypes. we will observation and study, this physical prototype compared with design concept and consumers wear feelings, And problems may happen during mass production, it must go through prototype to test feasibility, even we has technical drawings, We also have to create a model to observation if can meet the requirements of the design and users feelings in the real life. This 2 links is a long of process, especially prototypes production, may need 1 time, 2 times, 3 times of prototyping and modified, including last color selection, this are is long term of process.
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As Buffalo Horn eyewear factory, labor cost, the highest is master who makes prototypes, as a good and skilled master, their wage is much higher than some supervisors, because master must have a lot of knowledge of the entire production, only the most skilled masters whom very understand the Horn features to operate. And he will find that some of the problems in the manufacturing process may conflict with the design, he needs to be responsible for these issues, help designers make modifications, if put this product on the production line, the entire products probably be whole scrapped in the production process. Prototype Master is a very high precision job, need to be accumulated for a abundance time to get to this role.

Buffalo horn eyewear in production is quite different with normal eyewear. To take an example for polished technology. A pair Buffalo horn eyewear polished work most basic is 100 hours, from horn plate to cut to production, same of things. For normal eyewear products, one day of polished volume is 300 pieces, the gap between the two is so far away.

100 hour Polishing products, the gloss, high precision, and its standards are impeccable, Buffalo horn eyewear is arts and crafts, and normal eyewear are industrial products.

Buffalo horn eyewear has a lot of things you can’t see behind, from the production process, materials used, have the suitability of the product to consumer. Generally speaking, a luxury product, high prices are related with excellent material with excellent mancraftships.

What is the features of buffalo horn eyewear ?

When I was got my first buffalo horn eyewear brittle, my heart was break. Not because of the buffalo horn eyewear is expensive, because I really love it comfortable wearing, beautiful natural horn, touches and feels refreshing, and friendly to human’s skins.

Until we know the features of buffalo horn eyewear, then we will know how to maintain our buffalo horn eyewear.

The ONE and ONLY

As all horns in nature have differences in color, pattern and striations, ranging from subtle to significant, each pair of natural buffalo horn eyewear is unique and the one only. Horn is one of the earliest materials used to make eyewear, natural horn is varied in color and striations, each piece of buffalo horn eyewear displaying stunning striations that make it a distinctive statement of timeless beauty.

Comfortable Wearing

There are different materials used for eyewear, the best eyewear materials should come close to your eyes and face. Buffalo horn is latex-free and hypoallergenic, very friendly to human’s skins, an excellent choice especially for people with skin sensitivity or contact allergies.

Touches and feels refreshing

Natural horn has the remarkable quality of adjusting to the skin temperature, allowing for an almost seamless feel. The pleasant warmth distinguishes buffalo horn eyewear from the standard manmade materials used in traditional eyewear lines and offers a sensual frame-wearing experience, a big plus for many luxury eyewear wearers.

Time-worn elegance

As buffalo horn is a purely nature material, it has the extraordinary ability to age gracefully with use. The gradual evolution and organic patina embody the very characteristics cherished by selective eyewear wearers.


Sourced from sustained domesticated herds, the buffalo horn eyewear we use have minimum negative impact on the environment. Leftover horn chips and shavings from the production process are recycled as fertilizers in agriculture. The humble horn wastes are actually a first-rate quality manure as horn is an excellent source of slow release Nitrogen.


As with all items of value, your buffalo horn eyewear need to be maintained to keep them best. Horn is a durable product of nature, if maintain it for correctly, can last for many years.

We suggest that it had better to let owners know how to taking good care of their buffalo horn eyewear. Caution refers :
-No pressing, no pushing
-No dropping
-Avoid touching from water
-Protect horn by lanolin cream
Use the Vaseline oil moisturized the buffalo horn eyewear to prevent it brittle.

Buffalo Horn Eyewear

It is my pleasure to share my experience on buffalo horn eyewear, wood and other natural material. I am now in the wild of Mongolia, looking for natural material and hopefully they can be useful for eyewear manufacturing. All natural material has it own beautiful color and pattern creates by GOD.

Buffalo Horn Eyewear is a beautiful material to work with but very difficult for manufacturing. There are some important tips for adjustment and maintenance:

1. Only use CR-39 lens.
2. The lens must cut in exact rim groove size.
3. For Buffalo Horn Eyewear frame adjustment/lens insertion—always wet Buffalo Horn Eyewear frame with baby oil or corn oil, then heat with hot oil up to 200 C evenly til the material is completed “soft”. Then hold the Buffalo Horn Eyewear for air dry with thick oiled cotton clothes.
4. Never soak Buffalo Horn Eyewear in ultrasonic cleaning machine, neither water.
5. Never bend Buffalo Horn Eyewear in cold. It will crack!!

There are many interesting material can be used on eyewear—–the fosil of oak tree tumor. Very beautiful natural colors. Some of them has “cat’s eyes”. The material is very flexible, can be bent and adjust. Chinese bamboo is a great material because the flexibility. One of the special woods only available from the trees in Vietnam smells really good! Anyway, optical industry is very interesting. Anything can be useful.

Why buffalo horn eyewear is different with normal eyewear

Buffalo horn eyewear is a special natural health function horn made by purely handcraft work.
Ancient Chinese medicine book saying, Horn has heat-clearing and detoxifying, nourishing to cool the blood, lowering blood pressure, rheumatism, and other functions.

Buffalo horn has special natural active colloidal protein ingredients, bitter and salty, cool disintoxicating, cooling blood, and stop bleeding, conformable and relieving convulsion, carminative pharmacological effects, its elements will stimulate the acupoints around human’s eyes. Buffalo horn eyewear will not become a burden to the face but also protect your eyesight.

Buffalo horn eyewear can protect humans skin from allergies and electrostatic phenomena, wearing Buffalo horn eyewear will eliminate headaches, make your mind refreshing, quick thinking, promote blood circulation around head and eyes.

According above facts, buffalo horn eyewear can help to alleviate headache, dizziness when long-term wearing of eyewear.

How to identify true buffalo horn frame

As a professional buffalo horn eyewear supplier, Aoker eyewear suggest below 3 steps to help you identify true or fake buffalo horn frame

Touch and feel frame
If the frame touches and feels very cool and refreshing, it is true buffalo horn eyewear, fake buffalo horn frame not cool and no refreshing feeling. aoker517 - 副本

Smell the frame.
Under heating condition, the buffalo horn eyewear smells bad with a bull smell, fake buffalo horn eyewear no bull smell and has a burning smell.
aoker516 - 副本

Watch frame
The buffalo horn eyewear has beautiful colors, the horn is glittering and translucent. It touches well, no static. And the buffalo horn eyewear generally has blooding color, and textures.

Buffalo horn eyewear arts and crafts

According a eyewear technologist introduction, buffalo horn eyewear has total of three produce steps: The first step is to cut raw horns into pieces, the ready cut horn material will be looks like tiles, it need heated by high temperatures and then rely on hydraulic pressure flattening process, and then back into the cutting station specifications weeks, with the polishing wheel polish uneven surface.

The second procedure is cut inside and outside rims. the producing process is the same as acetate eyewear process, relying on molds for positioning and engraving, horn material is very brittle, it required engraving machine 4800 rpm, using a customize tungsten steel cutter produce and processing.

The third step is handcrafts. Buffalo horns eyewear are handmade products, so this step manually is very critical, only the most skilled workers whom very understand the horn features to operate. This step refers handcraft square angles on the surface of buffalo horn eyewear, playing sandpaper, rasp end piece, curve bridge, glue nose pad, they are the most critical steps in the production of buffalo horns eyewear, a good grasp of the details and perfect mancraftships can reflect the perfect pair of buffalo horns eyewear, Buffalo horns eyewear as the same like acetate eyewear, also need through the tumbling, hand polishing these processes, in order to make the surface smooth. The difference is that the buffalo horns eyewear can not shoot metal core, horns are natural materials, because the horny age, in the last step of production, the rims may shrink a little and lead to a difference rims, so during fix lens need left and right lens adjustment and matching.

Why buffalo horn eyewear loved by consumers?

Aoker has thought that the reason why buffalo horn eyewear loved by consumers, one important reason is that buffalo horn eyewear has tremendous market potential.
Because the traditional method of polishing and shinning craft ships, and also due to the horn features, it has a very smooth and fine effect, it touches and looks really high grade, fashion and classic. To take an example, yellow horn temples showing yellow translucent, feel comfortable, moist color. Each buffalo horn temples will have more or less black or scarlet color. The black buffalo horn temple is water buffalo horn, very moist, relatively loose texture, touches in hand or in the night can be seen natural texture, black reflective soft and bright lights. In addition, the horns in Chinese Old couture has always been considered evil spirits, misfortunes role, and many people put it in the living room of the house a prominent position. The use of natural buffalo horns manufacture eyewear, it is the product of traditional techniques and modern technology formation, buffalo horn eyewear collect health functional and art collection in one, is the best gift for loved ones.

Thus, the buffalo horn eyewear loved by consumers.