Do you wear eyewear in a right way?

As professional acetate eyewear and metal eyewear manufacturer, we produced thousands of optical frame , acetate sunglasses, which are one of our main products. Myopia eyewear are one type of optical frame. They are made for vision correction usage. So right wearing habits are very important. Do you wear eyewear in a right way?
Vision correction of myopia, not only optometry correct, making qualified glasses, but also to wear properly. Otherwise it will cause undue visual impairment. In the course of the inspection for myopia, we found that many people wear reading glasses with the following problems:

First, unclean lenses. The lenses should be clean & clear, many people neglected this point. Some optical frame have been used for many years, numerous scratches on the lens, affecting the light transmission.
Second, the frame distortion, such as metal frames and acetate frames, due to long-time wearing, it is inevitable that glasses will be squeezed, pulled and twisted. When wearing, the lenses optical center can not being aimed at the pupil, resulting in prism effect, damaging to eyesight.

Third, far and near universal. As mild myopia (-3.00D or less) glasses, should be worn when watching in a far distance, such as the blackboard. Near vision (such as homework) that should be removed. Otherwise, the regulation of ciliary muscle would increase the burden of promoting the development of myopia.
This blind approach, due to refractive error, interpupillary distance, the optical center and the deviation of axial astigmatism, sometimes will cause an extremely harmful effect to the vision.

In fact, no matter for optical frame or sunglasses, eyewear supplier advise all should form a good wearing habit to maximize the eyewear effect.

Céline sunglasses

New era minimalist design of Cline re-launches a several new sunglasses.
The pring and summer of 2011, following the lead of the Original retro sunglasses trend, Cline re-launch of several new designs of sunglasses, refined fashionable style most vividly, Cline once again a new era of minimalist style.
Inspired by the elegant and charming female model, “Human Angel” Audrey Hepburn •. Round acetate frames and feminine, slightly upturned at both ends, reflecting the contemporary women’s independence. Cline continued sunglasses unique decorative silver metal discs, which are located on both sides of the frame and foot joints. Golden CLINE logo is still hidden inside the temples. The series has flesh-colored, blue, khaki, taupe, cigars, black and other frame colors to choose from, each with different shades of polarized lenses.

LADY Series

Inspired by the 1960s, combines the retro feeling and modern attitude. Slim light shape, oval resin frame, signature silver metal discs decorated with mirror foot in front of the frame connection. The difference with the other series is that , golden CLINE logo  is in located on the temples. On the outside, it displays a symbol of modern women’s courage and determination. The series has two kinds sizes, small and large frame sizes, more bright summer colors selected from red, yellow to green, cigar color and so on.
ZZ Series

The sunglasses full of rock and roll spirit, breaking the conventional design, rectangular resin frame angular. Generous flat frame shape, showing almost at right angles to the top, showing a strong style and uncompromising spirit. To further highlight the appearance of visual impact, the iconic silver metal discs disappeared from the front frame, just the foot in both sides of the mirror, the mirror inside foot is engraved golden CLINE logo. The series also two kinds sizes, small and large frame sizes, and olive, dark blue, cigars, black and other colors to choose from, with different shades of polarized lenses. Continuing highly sought after celebrities and models Original series, I believe these three new series for Cline favorite type of retro-style minimalism will provide more choices for people, This style will be one of the most essential fashion glasses accessory  during the spring and summer of this year.

How to buy one good sunglasses

Currently, there is a wider selection of sunglasses available in the market for choices than perhaps at any time in the past. Both online and high street retailers are at present offering an excellent range of sunglasses for men, women and kids, often at excellent prices. Whether you’re in the market for a budget pair or are looking for some exclusive designer frames, you’re bound to find something to suit your needs. When choosing a pair of sunglasses, there are a few key aspects need to take into consideration. IMG_8017_副本
Face Shape
You might don’t know it, but we all have a certain face shape, and the different styles of sunglasses are designed to decorate specific shapes. Common face shapes include oval, round, square and triangle, so keep an eye out for any indicators of which shapes a particular set of sunglasses are ideal for when you’re shopping around.
UV Protection
As well as being practical and fashionable, of course the primary purpose of a set of sunglasses is to protect your eyes from the sunlight. For this reason it’s essential to check out the level of UV protection offered by any pair you’re considering. If you plan on doing outdoor activities such as winter or water sports, you will need a good level of protection.
Sunglasses use a host of different material types in both their lenses and frames. Many different variants of metals and plastics are used, which can have an impact on comfort, resilience and of course style.
it may seem to go without saying, but color is a major factor in how much use you may expect to get out of a new pair of sunglasses. Trying to tailor the color choice to both your own skin and hair coloring, as well as the types of situation you plan on wearing them in, is a good way to ensure you get something wearable.
If you have an eyesight problem and wear prescription glasses, you may wish to opt for prescription sunglasses. Many retailers offer great value services to manufacture prescription lenses for your new sunglasses, so you can enjoy the sun and have reliable vision at the same time!
The style range of available sunglasses has never been wider, and you can choose an option to suit you, whatever your own personal sense of style happens to be. In addition, you may wish to choose more than one set of sunglasses for different purposes, whether casual, active or formal.
Depending on your own particular needs, it may be worth checking out other details of a pair of sunglasses such as the width of the bridge. This can have a considerable impact on how comfortable a pair of sunglasses is to wear, particularly for long periods.
Who are they for?
There are of course sunglasses considerations relating to who will be wearing them. It is particularly important to choose wisely when the sunglasses are going to be worn by a child, as their eyes need to be given effective protection in the sunny weather.

Buffalo Horn Eyewear

It is my pleasure to share my experience on Buffalo Horn Eyewear , wood and other natural material. I am now in the wild of Mongolia, looking for natural material and hopefully they can be useful for eyewear manufacturing. All natural material has it own beautiful color and pattern creates by GOD.
Buffalo Horn Eyewear is a beautiful material to work with but very difficult for manufacturing. There are some important tips for adjustment and maintenance:

1. Only use CR-39 lens.
2. The lens must cut in exact rim groove size.
3. For Buffalo Horn Eyewear frame adjustment/lens insertion—always wet Buffalo Horn Eyewear frame with baby oil or corn oil, then heat with hot air up to 200 C evenly til the material is completed “soft”. Then hold the Buffalo Horn Eyewear for air dry with thick oiled cotton clothes.
4. Never soak Buffalo Horn Eyewear in ultrasonic cleaning machine, neither water.
5. Never bend Buffalo Horn Eyewear in cold. It will crack!!
There are many material can be used on eyewear. To take an example, acetate eyewear, metal eyewear, titanium eyewear.

Why wearing sunglasses feels dizzy?

When wearing sunglasses, if you feel dizzy, perhaps the temples are too tight, or the nose pads’ placement is not suitable and leads pressure or the lens itself steradian,
and other parameters are unequal. Phenomenon of colorful lens, in principle, has nothing to do with the dizziness, but may result in poor visual effects.
The following dizziness is caused by non quality problems:

For the friends who wearing sunglasses first time, there will be individual dizziness phenomenon. Usually after some time’s adjustment, they can get used to it. This is mainly with the relationship between the degrees of sensitivity of the eyes.

Second, large base and large frames sunglasses will make people feel dizzy; it is because there is a certain degree of sunglasses, The greater the base, the greater the relative degrees, a degree will have the optical center, a large frame optical center distance is greater than the human eye IPD, then dizziness will be occurred by people.
Some glaucoma will feel dizzy when wear sunglasses, for specific reason can be asked for the local doctor.

When in dark environment, if wear sunglasses, the sunglasses itself has the role of weakened light, this time when wearing sunglasses, which will result in increased of intraocular pressure, and then lead to dizziness.

As a professional eyewear supplier, we think for children under 6 years old, they are not suitable to wear sunglasses for a long time, because their visual function is immature and don’t reach the adult levels, long time wearing sunglasses may be the formation of amblyopia.

Some Basic Points of Sunglasses

A pair of sunglasses looks very simple, i.e. two pieces of color plastic or glasses lenses into acetate frame or metal frame.

Metal frame
Metal frame

In fact, the two pieces of lenses can cause quite many differences.
When you use sunglasses, these differences will have a great impact on you.
A pair of good sunglasses must have the following four functions:

To prevent ultraviolet radiation in sunlight
UV rays can damage the cornea and the retina; high-quality sunglasses can completely eliminate the UV radiation.
To prevent light exposure
When the eye receives too much light, it will naturally shrink the iris. Once the contraction of the iris to the limit state, then people need to squint. If the light is still too much, such as the snow reflected sunlight, will cause damages to the retina. High-quality sunglasses can filter out up to 97% of the lights into eyes to damages.

To prevent glares
Some surfaces, such as water, can reflect a lot of lights, and this will disrupt the vision or hide objects. High-quality sunglasses can use a glare polarizer technology to eliminate such glares.
Eliminate specific characteristic frequency of light
Certain frequencies of light will blur vision, while other frequencies of light can enhance the contrast.

horn eyewear
horn eyewear

As a professional sunglasses, acetate eyewear, metal eyewear, optical frame supplier, we recommend choosing the right color for the sunglasses, making it to get better effects in certain circumstances. If the sunglasses do not provide UV protection, it will give you more exposure to ultraviolet irradiation. Cheap sunglasses filter out a portion of the light, causing your iris to open to receive more light. This also would allow more ultraviolet radiation to enter, increased ultraviolet radiation damage to the retina.

Thus, for a variety of sunglasses, there are many differences. For a particular use of the environment, to select a pair of suitable and high-quality sunglasses will provide you with maximum protections.