Sunglasses lenses’ roles and effects

Different colors sunglasses lenses’ roles and effects
For sunglasses lenses, except the material used are different, such as acetate sunglasses, metal sunglasses, Titanium sunglasses. The colors are also different, as well as their roles and effects. Following is the introduction of different colors sunglasses lenses’ roles and effects:
1, Grey lenses: A neutral color.
Grey lens can be balanced against any chromatographic absorption, so when watching, the scene will only be darkening, but will not have significant color difference. And will display real natural feeling.
2, Brown lenses: can filter a large number of blue rays; improve the visual contrast and clarity; in the foggy air pollution cases or worse weather, can block the lights reflected from smooth and shining surface, and the wearers can also see clearly the subtle parts. Brown lenses should be the best choice for drivers.
3, Green lenses: during the absorption of lights, at the same time, can maximize the green lights reached the eyes, so wearing green lenses can bring a cool and comfortable feeling. This color is suitable for eye fatigue people.
4, blue-grey lenses: neutral lenses, similar to grey lenses, but with darker color, higher absorption of visible light.
5, Mercury lenses: the lens surface uses high-density mirror coating.
Such lenses absorb more reflection of visible light, which used for sports glasses, suitable for outdoor sports people.
6, Yellow lenses: Strictly speaking, these lenses are not sunglasses lenses, because they almost do not reduce the visible lights. But in the foggy and dusk, yellow lenses can increase contrast and provide a more accurate vision, they are also known as night vision goggles.
Some young people wearing the yellow lenses sunglasses as a decorative usage.
7, Light blue, light pink and other lenses: decorative rather than practical.
8, Dark green lenses: absorb heat; bring cool feeling, but the light transmission and clarity are low. Suitable for wearing under sun, not while driving.
9, Blue Lenses: when having fun at the beach, blue color can filter out the lights reflected from blue sea and blue sky. During driving should avoid using blue lenses, because they will make us a confusion of traffic signal colors.

Different colors sunglasses’ roles and effects are not the same, so when consumers are choosing their own sunglasses, except choosing their favorite styles, also need to check if the color is suitable. Eyewear supplier warming wearing comfortable and healthy is the most important thing.

How to select sunglasses

First, the sunglasses should match with your face shape.
Second, when wear the sunglasses, have no dizzy feeling and could see more clearly.

Third, effectively preventing ultraviolet light, equipped with UVA, UVB protection, and other similar orientation identification.
Forth, one good pair of sunglasses should be along with case, clean cloth, pouch, label etc..

How myopia choose sunglasses?
Sunglasses sold on the market today, mostly are flat light; and for myopia, how they will choose sunglasses, senior eyewear supplier will advise following suggestions:
First, with the use of contact lenses and sunglasses. The contact lenses can help you to get a good visual acuity, so you can freely choose the sunglasses what you like.
Second is to use clip on sunglasses. It’s simple for wearing and inexpensive, but the clip has no many styles or colors for choice, so lack of beauty.
Third, using resin tinted lens to make myopia sunglasses. But tinted lens are not suitable for wearing indoors, so need to prepare extra general myopia spectacles
Fourth, to use photo chromic lenses but which is expensive.

Customers can choose specific methods as per their own condition.
If you have the habit of wearing contact lenses, you can simply buy sunglasses without degrees as ordinary people.
If there is no habit of wearing contact lenses, you have to separately configure the degree lens.

How to identity top quality eyewear ?

In current market of eyewear, the eyewear supplier and distributing enterprises are quite many; sunglasses, acetate eyewear, metal eyewear , optical frames styles are diverse, quality levels various. It’s always difficult for customers to choose. So how to choose a good quality eyewear? Hereby, As a top quality lamination acetate eyewear supplier we make a brief introduction as follows:
First, look at the surface. Try to choose the eyewear for which the lenses surface is clear, shiny, of no scratches, bumps, corrosion and other problems.

Second, look at the marks. Frames (metal frames and acetate frames) from regular eyewear factories, except printing the number, size, dimensions, but also need printing the trademarks (Pinyin or English). And the printing is clear, unlike some no-name’s shoddy products.

Third, look at the structure. Pull the frames’ two temples; put the frames on the eyewear or tables flatly. The frames and temples should be tilted 10 to 12 degrees angle; two rims shall be the same large, the temples shall be of the same length, the nose pads shall be of the same height, the temples shall touch on the same surface.
Fourth, look at the joint point; check whether the hinges between frames and temples fit or not. Metal frames have a lot of welding points. We should check whether these welding points firm and clean.
aoker eyewear
Fifth, testing frame’s material. When choosing metal frames, using hands to bend the rings or temples a little, and test the degree of hardness. Some are made of copper, stainless steel and iron. Top grade eyewear are made of nickel alloy which has high strength and flexibility, can be worn long time without distortion. When choosing fiber frame and plastic frame( injection sunglasses and acetate sunglasses), should select flexible material.

Sunglasses and Optical frame, although they are two different kinds of eyewear, but the identifying way are almost the same.

Don’t wear unqualified Sunglasses

Summer is the world of sunglasses. Fashion, beauty, radiation protection, these features make sunglasses popular among people.
Aoker eyewear.
But experts point out that when choose sunglasses should double be careful, couldn’t only concern with style, but ignore the quality itself.

There are four kinds of unqualified sunglasses as following, better not wear them.

1, Superficial than real anti-UV sunglasses. Good sunglasses’ polarized lenses can block more than 99% of ultraviolet rays.
Wearing UV sunglasses with poor function, it feels like seeing in darkroom, and the pupil will become larger, residual ultraviolet radiation will be reflected into eyes and hurt the eyes.
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2, If the perspective rate is unqualified, don’t wear. Or will have a traffic signal recognition barrier, and easily cause accidents.

3, The sunglasses without identify categories. Sunglasses are generally divided into three categories, namely sunshade eyewear, decorative light-colored sunglasses and special purposed sunglasses for anti-radiation from horizontal level, snow blindness etc…

4, Sunglasses which doesn’t meet the requirements of force resist. When the lenses encounter external shocks, they will be easily broken. Fragments will form a deadly hurt to people’s eyes.

As a top quality sunglasses, acetate eyewear, metal eyewear, optical frame supplier advise consumers, when buy sunglasses, should try to choose high-quality sunglasses.