Buffalo horn eyewear become preferred material

Horn is a purely natural material, described in Old Chinese Medical, the horns with detoxification, cooling, lowering blood pressure, rheumatism and other medicinal properties, especially with natural horny ingredients.
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Buffalo horn eyewear using natural materials, no chemical composition, on basis of Chinese medicine and modern technology. Buffalo horn eyewear does not produce allergic skin contact and static phenomenon , which acetate eyewear and metal eyewear can not be replaced, and the horn frames are produced entirely by hand made, delicate peck, very rare on the market, which is very precious.
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Because of this, Aoker eyewear have adopted buffalo horn as new material for eyewear manufacture.

How buffalo horn eyewear maintenance

Please use clean water to wash the temple, do not use chemical lotions , not in hot water, should be balanced with both hands when you put on or take off Buffalo horn eyewear, do not pull temple because of natural horny things will be broken, as our finger nails, it has the risk of break.

Some Horn temple will be a little deformation after wearing long time, you do not have to worry about, because the real prototype horns are curved, phenomena like the bent.

in fact, it is a normal phenomenon because it might has the potential to restore in future, with Horn shape, if temple bent, you can put it on the fire to heat it; Or soaking it in warm water, and then use the appropriate weight for some time to recover it.

Buffalo horn eyewear function

Head is the Commander of the human’s body, be sure to use the best way to take care of it. Buffalo horn eyewear not only helps you to correct the vision, but also the Buffalo horn eyewear makes you feel the physical health effects. 1

Horn is a traditional Chinese medicine material, blood-cooling and detoxifying and nourishing yin and blood and lower blood pressure, rheumatism, and got through the medicinal effects of stone. Wearing Buffalo horn eyewear will eliminate headaches, keep your mind awake, refreshed and smart, you can promote the blood circulation of the head, which can itch Detox, beautify the appearance and treatment of headache, the effect of anti-dandruff hair care and relieve collateral, enhance cell-mediated immunity, have a unique effect on nervous breakdown.2

Metaphysics, Horn in China has long been considered a plague of evil spirits, the town, many people have put it in the Hall on a prominent place. Pure natural Horn machining spectacle frames, it is a product of traditional craft and modern technology, and health functions and art collections in one set! Also Buffalo horn eyewear is the best gift to give their loved ones!

Horn Eyewear Production

Full handmade Buffalo Horn eyewear , purely natural materials makes the eyewear must be unique art in the world , temple using the traditional method of polishing to make it smooth and subtle effects, fashion model, ox horn leg of translucent yellow, the luster of each Horn temple has more or less, black or red noise color.

Black temple-side is the water buffalo horn, black soft and bright reflective, not black, hold it in hand to examine natural textures can be seen, or in the light, you can see. Very moist, loose texture. Horny feet in cutting Horn would be the stench under heating condition, feel warm to the touch, thick. Heavier than the fake or plastic, shiny gloss and high precision. Inferior Horn eyewear or a fake touch is poor, lack luster, luster is dull, cracks, easily broken teeth.
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As Horn eyewear touch the flame is rapidly changing soft side (synthetic imitation) low-quality Buffalo Horn eyewear feel worse, lack luster, luster is dull, cracks, easily broken teeth.