How to clean metal eyewear nose pads ?

People often wear metal eyewear will find metal eyewear nose pads are easy to get dirty and difficult to clean up. Some metal eyewear causes wearer allergic reactions, dirty nose pads may be one of the reasons, following we will discuss how to clean metal eyewear nose pads?

There are 80% metal eyewear wearers ignored for cleaning nose pads, some wear a pair of metal eyewear for a year without nose pads cleaned. As time passes, nose pads have turn to yellow and dusty. This is not right, metal eyewear nose pads should always be cleaned and replaced on time. Generally, nose pads lifetime is about six months, and metal eyewear nose pads need to be replaced every six months.
Metal eyewear nose pads are generally made of transparent silicone material, or soft PVC plastic material. These materials are friendly fit on face without nose pads indentation.
Metal eyewear nose pads cleaning refer to the following method:
Metal eyewear nose pads are generally active leaves of nose pads, simple to replace.
You can use a small screwdriver to remove nose pads, disinfection, cleaning and then put on.
For yellowed nose pads, you need a pair of new nose pad to replacement at your local optometrist.

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