What’s the trend of metal eyewear?

With the development trend of personalized and fashion of eyewear industry, eyewear materials becoming various, new plastic eyewear, acetate eyewear constantly crowding out metal eyewear. From the earliest single plastic derived from PC, AC, Nylon, TR90, Plastic steel, and acetate, but the same, metal eyewear always been one of the mainstream materials for eyewear industry.
In traditional, metal eyewear mainly apply copper based alloys, nickel based alloys, stainless steel, titanium etc. broken down into the following categories: nickel silver eyewear, brass, 18% nickel, 25% nickel, 40% nickel, monel, stainless steel eyewear, titanium alloys, purely titanium, titanium memory etc.
From the development trend of eyewear, the foundation and leading role of metal eyewear is outstanding, from copper alloy metal application in the 90’s of the last century, the metal eyewear industry has great development and formed a diversified products. But traditional metal eyewear material such as copper alloy easy corrosion, stimulus skin body and cause allergy, although nickel alloy solved corrosion problem, the material is more heavy and press nose, to solution above problems, more security, and more light, and more durable and more comfortable new metal material today became the trend of metal eyewear. For example: titanium, premium stainless steel eyewear.

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