Different colors sunglasses lenses’ roles and effects

For sunglasses lenses, except the material used are different, such as acetate sunglasses, metal sunglasses, injection sunglasses. The colors are also different, as well as their roles and effects. Following is the introduction of different colors sunglasses lenses’ roles and effects:
1, Grey lenses: A neutral color.
Grey lens can be balanced against any chromatographic absorption, so when watching, the scene will only be darkening, but will not have significant color difference. And will display real natural feeling.
2, Brown lenses: can filter a large number of blue rays; improve the visual contrast and clarity; in the foggy air pollution cases or worse weather, can block the lights reflected from smooth and shining surface, and the wearers can also see clearly the subtle parts. Brown lenses should be the best choice for drivers.
3, Green lenses: during the absorption of lights, at the same time, can maximize the green lights reached the eyes, so wearing green lenses can bring a cool and comfortable feeling. This color is suitable for eye fatigue people.
4, blue-grey lenses: neutral lenses, similar to grey lenses, but with darker color, higher absorption of visible light.
5, Mercury lenses: the lens surface uses high-density mirror coating.
Such lenses absorb more reflection of visible light, which used for sports glasses, suitable for outdoor sports people.
6, Yellow lenses: Strictly speaking, these lenses are not sunglasses lenses, because they almost do not reduce the visible lights. But in the foggy and dusk, yellow lenses can increase contrast and provide a more accurate vision, they are also known as night vision goggles.
Some young people wearing the yellow lenses sunglasses as a decorative usage.
7, Light blue, light pink and other lenses: decorative rather than practical.
8, Dark green lenses: absorb heat; bring cool feeling, but the light transmission and clarity are low. Suitable for wearing under sun, not while driving.
9, Blue Lenses: when having fun at the beach, blue color can filter out the lights reflected from blue sea and blue sky. During driving should avoid using blue lenses, because they will make us a confusion of traffic signal colors.
Different colors sunglasses’ roles and effects are not the same, so when consumers are choosing their own sunglasses, except choosing their favorite styles, also need to check if the color is suitable. Eyewear supplier warming wearing comfortable and healthy is the most important thing.

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