How to identity acetate eyewear quality?

In current market of acetate eyewear, the acetate eyewear supplier and distributing enterprises are quite many; the acetate eyewear styles are diverse, quality levels vary. It’s always difficult for customers to choose. So, how to choose a good quality acetate eyewear? Hereby, we make a brief introduction as follows:
First, look at the surface. Try to choose the acetate eyewear for which the acetate and lenses surface is clear, shiny, of no scratches, bumps, corrosion and other problems.

Second, look at the marks. acetate eyewear from regular factories, except printing the number, size, dimensions, but also need printing the trademarks (Pinyin or English). And the printing is clear, unlike some no-name’s shoddy products.

Third, look at the structure. Pull the acetate eyewear two temples; put the acetate eyewear on the glasses or tables flatly. The acetate eyewear temples should be tilted 10 to 12 degrees angle; two rims shall be the same large, the temples shall be of the same length, the nose pads shall be of the same height, the temples shall touch on the same surface.

Fourth, look at the joint point; check whether the points between frames and temples fit or not. Acetate eyewear joint points of frames and temples should very flat and smooth.
Fifth, testing acetate eyewear material. When choosing acetate eyewear should select flexible and adjustable material. If the plastic eyewear material is non-flexiable, and not adjustable. it’s cheap injection molded plastic eyewear, not acetate eyewear. Top grade acetate eyewear are made of Zyle acetate, Mazzucchelli acetate.

Btw. when choosing metal eyewear, using hands to bend the rings or temples a little, and test the degree of hardness. Some are made of copper, stainless steel and iron. Top grade metal eyewear are made of nickel alloy which has high strength and flexibility, can be worn long time without distortion.

Regarding sunglasses and optical frame, although they are two different kinds of eyewear, but the identifying way are almost the same.

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