Horn Eyewear Production

Full handmade Buffalo Horn eyewear , purely natural materials makes the eyewear must be unique art in the world , temple using the traditional method of polishing to make it smooth and subtle effects, fashion model, ox horn leg of translucent yellow, the luster of each Horn temple has more or less, black or red noise color.

Black temple-side is the water buffalo horn, black soft and bright reflective, not black, hold it in hand to examine natural textures can be seen, or in the light, you can see. Very moist, loose texture. Horny feet in cutting Horn would be the stench under heating condition, feel warm to the touch, thick. Heavier than the fake or plastic, shiny gloss and high precision. Inferior Horn eyewear or a fake touch is poor, lack luster, luster is dull, cracks, easily broken teeth.
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As Horn eyewear touch the flame is rapidly changing soft side (synthetic imitation) low-quality Buffalo Horn eyewear feel worse, lack luster, luster is dull, cracks, easily broken teeth.

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