Buffalo horn eyewear function

Head is the Commander of the human’s body, be sure to use the best way to take care of it. Buffalo horn eyewear not only helps you to correct the vision, but also the Buffalo horn eyewear makes you feel the physical health effects. 1

Horn is a traditional Chinese medicine material, blood-cooling and detoxifying and nourishing yin and blood and lower blood pressure, rheumatism, and got through the medicinal effects of stone. Wearing Buffalo horn eyewear will eliminate headaches, keep your mind awake, refreshed and smart, you can promote the blood circulation of the head, which can itch Detox, beautify the appearance and treatment of headache, the effect of anti-dandruff hair care and relieve collateral, enhance cell-mediated immunity, have a unique effect on nervous breakdown.2

Metaphysics, Horn in China has long been considered a plague of evil spirits, the town, many people have put it in the Hall on a prominent place. Pure natural Horn machining spectacle frames, it is a product of traditional craft and modern technology, and health functions and art collections in one set! Also Buffalo horn eyewear is the best gift to give their loved ones!

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