Why buffalo horn eyewear is different with normal eyewear

Buffalo horn eyewear is a special natural health function horn made by purely handcraft work.
Ancient Chinese medicine book saying, Horn has heat-clearing and detoxifying, nourishing to cool the blood, lowering blood pressure, rheumatism, and other functions.

Buffalo horn has special natural active colloidal protein ingredients, bitter and salty, cool disintoxicating, cooling blood, and stop bleeding, conformable and relieving convulsion, carminative pharmacological effects, its elements will stimulate the acupoints around human’s eyes. Buffalo horn eyewear will not become a burden to the face but also protect your eyesight.

Buffalo horn eyewear can protect humans skin from allergies and electrostatic phenomena, wearing Buffalo horn eyewear will eliminate headaches, make your mind refreshing, quick thinking, promote blood circulation around head and eyes.

According above facts, buffalo horn eyewear can help to alleviate headache, dizziness when long-term wearing of eyewear.

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