Buffalo Horn Eyewear

It is my pleasure to share my experience on buffalo horn eyewear, wood and other natural material. I am now in the wild of Mongolia, looking for natural material and hopefully they can be useful for eyewear manufacturing. All natural material has it own beautiful color and pattern creates by GOD.

Buffalo Horn Eyewear is a beautiful material to work with but very difficult for manufacturing. There are some important tips for adjustment and maintenance:

1. Only use CR-39 lens.
2. The lens must cut in exact rim groove size.
3. For Buffalo Horn Eyewear frame adjustment/lens insertion—always wet Buffalo Horn Eyewear frame with baby oil or corn oil, then heat with hot oil up to 200 C evenly til the material is completed “soft”. Then hold the Buffalo Horn Eyewear for air dry with thick oiled cotton clothes.
4. Never soak Buffalo Horn Eyewear in ultrasonic cleaning machine, neither water.
5. Never bend Buffalo Horn Eyewear in cold. It will crack!!

There are many interesting material can be used on eyewear—–the fosil of oak tree tumor. Very beautiful natural colors. Some of them has “cat’s eyes”. The material is very flexible, can be bent and adjust. Chinese bamboo is a great material because the flexibility. One of the special woods only available from the trees in Vietnam smells really good! Anyway, optical industry is very interesting. Anything can be useful.

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