One pair of acetate eyewear is not enough

One pair of acetate eyewear is not enough.

Because the human eyes crystalline lens’ flexibility declined, couldn’t focus on near distance objects, and be not able to read or work, this physiological phenomenon is known as presbyopia.
Human eyes have a capacity to see both near and far, which we call adjustment ability, is to be achieved through increasing or decreasing lens refractive power. However, as people grow older, lens compact and hardening gradually, losing the plasticity, thus adjustment force gradually decreased.
We can wear the acetate eyewear, borrowing power of convex lens in place of adjustment, so you can see the objects clearly. Presbyopia correction, you must first determine the conditions of two different refractive eyes, as well as determine the reading distance.  Because in a different age level, regulation changes in the scope of individual differences are large, so we have to test each one’s control power.

The degree of presbyopia is not fixed, refractive error, ocular method, the individual physical, geographical location (because of the effects of temperature on the lens, the people living near the equator is easier to have presbyopia), and taking insulin, anti-anxiety drugs, antidepressants, antipsychotics, antihistamines, anti-spasm drugs and diuretics or other drugs, increased cataract,
all these factors will impact the lens adjustment force, there will be a different vision changes, and presbyopia degrees will follow to change.
Therefore, a pair of acetate eyewear is not applicable for a whole life, people who often required to wear presbyopic eyewear should go to hospital or regular eyewear shops regularly, to carry out a comprehensive inspection, optometry,  and replace the acetate eyewear which are not suitable for you to wear. To own a pair of comfortable acetate eyewear, your quality of life will be also improved.

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