How to identify Acetate and Plastic eyewear?

Observe whether the color of the frame is layered or floating on the surface:
the color of acetate eyewear is formed by layering after the cut process, and doesn’t fade acetate color; the injection eyewear is printed or dyed color or patterns on the surface, and will fade after wearing for a long time.
红酒 44680_副本1_副本
Observe whether there is a metal core insertion in the temples(leg): in order to improve and ensure the elasticity of the acetate eyewear for wear, the acetate eyewear usually inserts metal core in the acetate temples;

while in the injection eyewear, there is no metal core in temples, and the elasticity and firmness are slightly poor. But some manufacturers also use a slim metal core inserts in the temples(leg) of CP injection eyewear to improve elasticity and strength, but the slim core is definitely different from acetate metal wire core. It slim and don’t attached on hinges. The slim metal core only can be applied on CP injection eyewear, not all the injection eyewear.
红酒 44693_副本_副本
Observe whether the nose pad is laminated:
the acetate eyewear nose pad is made by acetate chips and laminated on acetate eyewear front. Acetate eyewear nose pad can be same acetate front color or just use clear acetate.

while the injection frame, because it is an integral part of injection moulding, so included the nose pad as a whole. Through observation, we can find that the nose pad color or pattern is consistent or unified with the whole frame.

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