Difference Between Acetate and Plastic eyewear?

There are two types eyewear on the market: one is extruded with an plastic injection molding machine, which is called an injection molding eyewear. Another type of eyewear hand-cut with acetate sheets is called a acetate eyewear.
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injection molding eyewear

injection molding eyewear first is produce a precision molds,then the liquid plastic is injected, then cooled and electroplated.

The injection molding eyewear has a low density, so it is easy to break. Because the plastic frame has simple production process and low production cost, it can be mass-produced, so the style changes a lot. Because it is electroplating and painting colors, there are many kinds of patterns, and the color is brighter and more colorful than acetate eyewear frame.

Please note that the injection molding eyewear generally has an injection point, which is a small scar on the edge of the frame, and the plastic frame is much lighter than acetate eyewear frame.

acetate eyewear
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Because of acetate eyewear made of cellulose acetate material, it has the characteristics of toughness, transparency, good gloss, durability, discoloration caused by ultraviolet radiation, and no allergic to the skin. Therefore, acetate eyewear widely loved by consumers.

Among them, the characteristics of the acetate eyewear are high hardness, high strength, not easy to break, no deformation after wearing, no fading colors, acetate eyewear related of much more acetate materials used in the production, complicated handcraft process and high labor cost.

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