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Elle Wang was an optician, for over 25 years of career. She felt too many guests slip their eyewear from nose and ears feel pain after long-term wearing of eyewear. So she wanted to design a sort that optometrists can easily maintain, which also makes the guests feel comfortable eyewear.

Buffalo horn eyewear has solved the problems of Elle Wang all thinks about.
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Buffalo horn eyewear supplier choose India water buffalo horn or Tibet yak Horn to manufacture, Buffalo horn eyewear production process is not easy, only the most skilled masters whom very understand the horn features can handcraft it. If don’t take careful, it is not only easy to waste material, and it is more difficult to control its thickness and shape. Horn is a lipophilic natural materials with pores can absorb sebum, wear long time buffalo horn eyewear won’t fear eyewear easily slip from nose! Buffalo horn eyewear effectively solves guest’s eyewear slip from nose problems.

Buffalo horn has special natural active colloidal protein ingredients, bitter and salty, cool disintoxicating, cooling blood, conformable and relieving convulsion, carminative pharmacological effects, its elements will stimulate the acupoints around human’s ears. According above horn features, Buffalo horn eyewear will not become a burden to ears but also buffalo horn eyewear can help to alleviate ears feel pain, dizziness when long-term wearing of eyewear.

Buffalo horn eyewear with “customized services”, whether it is type, color, shape, etc, can be “tailored”, let you enjoy swimming in the comfortable sense of nature, let us go to create a pair of your own custom buffalo horn eyewear.

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