Why Buffalo Horn eyewear is expensive?

Buffalo Horn eyewear in the layman’s view is a double rims and a pair of arms combination, in the view of expert, a pair of high quality Buffalo Horn eyewear every little process and man craft is patent and very particular. High-end Buffalo Horn eyewear polishing process simply takes 100 hours or more, and totally finished by handwork, while outsiders see just tip of the iceberg, how many people can find the huge ice hidden under a sea?

AOKER eyewear is a professional Buffalo Horn eyewear supplier, AOKER will work with you to uncover the Buffalo Horn eyewear development and production process that hidden value and some of the little-known secrets.

A pair of Buffalo Horn eyewear from design to production to consumers, during this term, from our industry experience, buffalo horn eyewear experienced a long of process, may is half a year, even some Buffalo Horn eyewear products development period up to 2 years, eventually products may just is a double rims and pair arms, but, by pay of design and production of time, these who never seen upon can’t said it doesn’t exist at all.

The best horn raw materials are scarce, most high-quality real buffalo horn raw materials imports in a remote area of Africa, China Tibet, India, South America and other places. You can see only double rims and pair arms, but customers did not see real buffalo horn material is difficulty to source and the material is really scarcity.

Generally, all of Buffalo Horn eyewear design is firstly from a design concept starting, why has this style? Why has this structure? Why with this material? It is after long time of thinking, the designer can come upon a small of idea. And put these idea into production, some processes are essential, like make prototypes, a concept first make technical drawings, and then made into real prototypes. we will observation and study, this physical prototype compared with design concept and consumers wear feelings, And problems may happen during mass production, it must go through prototype to test feasibility, even we has technical drawings, We also have to create a model to observation if can meet the requirements of the design and users feelings in the real life. This 2 links is a long of process, especially prototypes production, may need 1 time, 2 times, 3 times of prototyping and modified, including last color selection, this are is long term of process.
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As Buffalo Horn eyewear factory, labor cost, the highest is master who makes prototypes, as a good and skilled master, their wage is much higher than some supervisors, because master must have a lot of knowledge of the entire production, only the most skilled masters whom very understand the Horn features to operate. And he will find that some of the problems in the manufacturing process may conflict with the design, he needs to be responsible for these issues, help designers make modifications, if put this product on the production line, the entire products probably be whole scrapped in the production process. Prototype Master is a very high precision job, need to be accumulated for a abundance time to get to this role.

Buffalo horn eyewear in production is quite different with normal eyewear. To take an example for polished technology. A pair Buffalo horn eyewear polished work most basic is 100 hours, from horn plate to cut to production, same of things. For normal eyewear products, one day of polished volume is 300 pieces, the gap between the two is so far away.

100 hour Polishing products, the gloss, high precision, and its standards are impeccable, Buffalo horn eyewear is arts and crafts, and normal eyewear are industrial products.

Buffalo horn eyewear has a lot of things you can’t see behind, from the production process, materials used, have the suitability of the product to consumer. Generally speaking, a luxury product, high prices are related with excellent material with excellent mancraftships.

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