How to maintain acetate eyewear or glasses?

How to maintain acetate eyewear or glasses?

Following are some tips for teaching you how to maintain acetate eyewear.
1, acetate eyewear and optical frames’ wearing: Hold the temples with both hands and along with parallel lines around cheeks, if use single hand, the frames will be deformed, balance will be destroyed.

2, folding the acetate eyewear should be started from the left temples. Most of the acetate eyewear are designed to be folded from the left temples. If folding the right temples first, the acetate eyewear will be easily deformed.

3, the rotation method: if it is a temporary placing of acetate eyewear, the lenses’ convex should be put upward. If put convex downward, the lenses will be scratched.
4, method of cleaning lenses: use a special lens-cleaning cloth; hold the side of the acetate eyewear edge wire, wipe the lenses gently. Avoid excessive force resulting in acetate eyewear or lens damage.

5, when lenses are dusty or dirty, dry-rubbing will scratch the lenses easily. It is recommended rinse the lenses firstly, then using tissue to sop up the water, lastly wipe up the lenses with a spectacle cloth. If the lenses are really dirty, it is recommended to use low concentrations of mild detergent, then rinse and dry.

6, please wrap the acetate eyewear well with cloth and use the spectacles cases if not wearing acetate eyewear. When saving, please avoid touching with insect repellent, toilet articles, cosmetics, hair spray, drugs etc. these corrosive materials, otherwise it will cause the lenses and frames’ degradation, deterioration, discoloration.

7, the deformation of acetate eyewear. This will bring burden for ears and noses, also the lenses are easy to loose. It is recommended a regular adjustment will be made in a professional spectacles store.

8, do not use in intense exercise. For resin lenses, if under strong impact may possibly be broken; this will also easily lead eyes and facial injuries. So acetate eyewear and optical frames are not recommended to be used during intense exercise.

9, do not use scratched lenses. Better not use lenses which have scratches, blemishes, cracks, etc.; otherwise they will loose the color of light, so we cannot see things clearly, and then decreased vision will be caused.
10, do not look steadily at sun. Even if the lenses have color difference, and do not look directly at the sun or strong light, otherwise it will hurt the eyes.

11, only after getting used to wear acetate eyewear then start the driving and other operations. Due to prism lenses, wearing new purchasing acetate eyewear, it is difficult to grasp the sense of distance. If not fully getting used to them, do not drive or operate.
 12, no long-term placement at a high temperature (60C or above). High temperature will easily lead to lens distortion or heat the surface of the film cracks easily; please do not put the acetate eyewear in front windows of the cars, expose with direct sunlight or high temperatures.

 13, if the lenses are wet, please wipe it dry immediately. If waiting for natural dry, water scale will become difficult to be wiped clean and stain to see things clear.

14, clean sweat, cosmetics marks and dry. When the lenses are attached with sweat, juice, hairspray (plastic), cosmetics, etc., immediately rinse and dry. If not in time will cause film off.

As a professional acetate eyewear supplier , we recommend users use above points to maintain their acetate eyewear in good condition.

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