How to choose best eyewear manufacturer?

There are more than 10,000 acetate eyewear supplier, metal eyewear supplier, and plastic eyewear supplier in China! What kind of quality and price range are you looking for? Below are some points:

1. Eyewear Suppliers use European parts or material (example: Mazzucchelli acetate, Italy Vissotica Comotec, OBE hinges), Tr Shenzhen eyewear companies. They usually have their own eyewear factory near Goung Dong area. Price range from $10 USD and up, FOB China. The quality level of the eyewear are pretty good.

2. If you want detailed engraving works done on your product, then you must use Japanese owned eyewear supplier. They are mostly in Shan-Ghai, Fuki area. Price range from $30 to $50 USD each.

3. If you are looking for frames in cheap! cheap! cheap! There are hundreds of local Chinese owned factories in Wen Zhou area. Each frame is as low as 70 cents USD each! Frames are made without any tumbing, polishing! They will run out of shape in 3 months and break apart two weeks after.
4. Taiwanese owned eyewear supplier in Guang Dong are very good with injection sunglasses products such as goggles and PC lens. Price range from $1 USD to $10 USD depends on the finish you want to achieve. Of course, tooling charge is not included!

5.We are a Shenzhen based eyewear manufactory for acetate eyewear, metal eyewear, and buffalo horn eyewear. As a processional eyewear supplier, we suggest branded eyewear customers choose Shenzhen eyewear manufactory to buy a quality guarantee and convenient.

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