How to select the buffalo horn eyewear?

Firstly, let us learn what is the difference between materials and features of buffalo horn?

Natural white horn: white horn is glittering and translucent as jade, often with natural white and yellow natural textures. Is the best among buffalo horn eyewear, due to the scarcity of material resources, the prices remain high, and used for making high-end luxury buffalo horn eyewear.
According to experts, animal albino formed primarily by gene mutation. Such as white Tigers, White Lions, white Bull ….These are very rare and precious, and the White Buffalo is one of the most precious. A lot of people in the world treat White Buffalo as sacred animals.white horn01

Natural Blonde buffalo horn: Blonde buffalo horn is translucent brown, feels and touches comfortable, warm and humid color, which comes from high altitude area in India, with dry textures, there are relatively plenty of raw materials. But since import customs duties and shipping cost etc, Blonde buffalo horn eyewear price are relatively high.

Natural yellow horn: yellow horn is translucent yellow, with noise colors, with dry textures, there are relatively plenty of raw materials, and the price is relatively lower.
white horn02

Natural black horn: Black buffalo horn from the South of Asian, heavy and thick, jet black color, Black horn is basically buffalo horn eyewear materials, as relatively plenty of raw material, the price is relatively cheaper than white and blonde buffalo horn eyewear.

Lastly, let us learn how is the difference of buffalo horn eyewear man craftwork, buffalo horn eyewear man craftwork distinguished mainly from raw materials, workmanship, gloss and precision difference. In General, low-quality Buffalo Horn eyewear craftwork roughly, touches and feels worse, low gloss, and some cracked inside the horn, or prone to breakage, low-quality of buffalo horn eyewear can’t last for many years. A perfect buffalo horn eyewear hand polishing much better than poor quality buffalo horn eyewear, excellent in workmanship and takes long time, a perfect buffalo horn eyewear cost is much higher, it is strong and robust which can last for many years for wearers.

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